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All our plants are equipped with the latest technology, software & hardware, which not only improves the capacity of the concrete mixes, but also makes the equipment more energy efficient. CEMIX places top priority to the environment by monitoring material handling and storage techniques as well as delivery process.

LIEBHERR is one of the most well known companies in the business of concrete production. Our LIEBHERR batching plant is the latest version of horizontal pattern of concrete mixing plants. Two (2) Batching Plants has an output capacity of 100mm3/hour each and One (1) Batching Plant with an output capacity of 70mm3 /hour. Therefore it has a total output capacity of 270mm3/hour.

Our plant comprises of 5 no’s. compartments each of 35 m3 capacity inline silo for sand aggregate, discharge belts as weigher for gravels, pneumatically operated discharged gate with coarse and fine batching for accurate batching, conveyer with wear protection to prevent excessive wear specially when working with broken/crushed aggregates. Litronic FMS moisture sensors for two type of sand fully automatic with aggregate/water compensation. The sensors based on capacitive measuring principle with integral microprocessor, (more than 50 readings/second) means value computing, and stainless steel housing with high strength ceramic wears shield and temperature compensation.

Our intensive ring pan mixer with mechanical agitator drive of 2.25 = m3 batch size is from LIEBHERR Germany. The mixing gear speed is more than 20 rpm and the agitator with 100 rpm, enough power to deal with the toughest concrete and reduce the mixing time drastically to 35 sec./1m3 , standard wear lining at bottom and sidewall as well as mixing tolls provides long life trouble free operation. Hydraulically operated mixer discharge gate gives substantial power, which is useful, if the discharge gate gets jammed due to stone or the residuals of the concrete.  

The hand-operated pump in hydraulic circuit provides facility to empty the mixer in case of emergency or power failure. All the other weighers such as cement, water, ice and additive are of sufficient capacity and are ideally locate above mixer platform so that the materials are discharge freely into mixer.


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