Plants & Equipments


CEMIX’s fleet strength is in correlation with the production targets and in most cases the usage is to the maximum. Maintenance and utilization is planned prior to undertaking any project to ensure better performance. Concrete is a sensitive product that can be affected due to climatic changes. Every delivery by CEMIX is dealt with total care and efficiency. The truck mixers undergo a daily check-up and weekly maintenance program which also include the maintenance of pumps and batching plants. All maintenance activities are carried out under strict supervision by qualified engineers.


Below is the summary of the equipments that CEMIX owns:

9 pumps with a length of 42m (2008-2009)

2 pumps with a length up to 32m (1998)

6 pumps with a length up to 36m (2003 – 2007)

1 pump with a length up to 28m (1996)

TOTAL = 18 Concrete pumps

Beside the above, we have huge number of truck mixers with the following capacities:

No of Mixers


10 m3
9 m3
8 m3
7 m3
12 m3
Total=79 Truck Mixers

Most of our truck mixers are made in the year 2003 to 2009.


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