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Environment, Health and Safety
At CEMIX we takes stringent measures to protect the environment. Recycling is the taken place wherever possible. CEMIX is environment friendly and continuous to improve its status. Dust emission caused while discharging cement and other fine materials are reduced below internationally accepted levels by adding special filters in cement silos and covering the materials silos to prevent excessive dust formation and spreading.

CEMIX uses a modern recycling plant were excess concrete and wash water are reprocessed. Solid wastes are disposed in a appropriate manner, whereas the water is reused for washing truck mixers. This helps in saving precious water.

When it comes to safety standards, CEMIX has documented safety management policies and procedures, based on the principle of accident prevention. The policies and procedures cover workplace safety, hazard identification, reporting and response mechanisms including protection of CEMIX employees, processes and facilities.

CEMIX strictly follows a ‘zero accident’ and ‘defect free’ policy in its operations and process whether on or off site. Our policy and procedures are applicable to all our employees and to our sub-contractors.

We empower our employees with adequate authority to supervise loading and off loading of critical materials and subsequently train them in risk assessment, hazard identification and incident prevention and safe working practices.


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